Phil Cannella: Advocate for People In or Near Retirement

Phil Cannella works day in and day out to provide people in or near retired years with a safer and more secure retirement. This occurs in a multitude of different ways. For many years now Phil Cannella has been hosting the Crash Proof Retirement Show on Talk radio 1210-WPHT of CBS Philadelphia. Unlike many presenters who are paid to speak, Phil Cannella is paid programming, I order to impart truth and wisdom to his listeners every week. The information delivered on the radio show consists of the real facts and not some watered down version offered by the mainstream media.

Phil Cannella explains that anything in life can be resolved with truth and logic and he utilizes this approach when addressing the financial concerns of retirees. Taking a transparent approach, using logic to uncover the truth, Phil Cannella created the Crash Proof Retirement System that could prevent a retiree from depleting their assets during retirement. Bringing truth to the American retiree is one of the fundamental principles upon which Phil Cannella has built his Crash Proof Retirement System. He wants seniors to be able to make informed decisions without the undue influence that main stream media has on the news. The news can so easily be corrupted and twisted to just show a portion of the truth or sometimes, deliver outright lies. This is something Phil Cannella stands sharply against. He sees it as it is, and he tells it as he sees it. And while some may not like his direct approach, at the end of the day, truth is the only route to success.

Phil Cannella utilizes his Crash Proof Retirement Show as well as his weekly educational events to present the truth about investment accounts that many Americans hold and the guaranteed, safe alternatives that are available. These are just a couple of the factors that make Phil Cannella a true consumer advocate.