Phil Cannella Media: Phil Cannella and David Kotz on Gary Aguirre Case

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella in another revealing conversation with H. David Kotz, former Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Phil Cannella discusses the infamous Gary Aguirre Case. Gary Aguirre is a lawyer and former investigator for the SEC, and was also the Chief Investigator on the insider trader case involving Pequot Capital Management, who attempted to bring John Mack of Morgan Stanley to justice for leaking inside information about Pequot Capital. This is the reason Phil Cannella is interested in delving into the details with Mr. Kotz. Phil Cannella begins the interview by asking Mr. Kotz to discuss Mr. Aguirre, who claimed to be unjustly fired by the SEC after “going after” John Mack, previously considered an “untouchable” on Wall Street. Phil Cannella did not shy away from asking about the SEC settling with Mr. Aguirre for a wrongful termination suit.

Mr. Kotz reveals to Phil Cannella that during an investigation of Mr. Aguirre’s claims, it was discovered some unfair processes might have occurred during his termination. For example, Aguirre had received an appraisal after the John Mack affair, after having receiving good performance reviews in the past. Mr. Kotz agrees that there were concerns about how Mr. Aguirre had been treated, hence the suit and the settlement. Mr. Kotz stated firmly to Phil Cannella that he feels this case shows that it is absolutely critical that, when a member of the SEC is attempting to bring someone like Mr. Mack to justice, no unfair action is taken against that individual by the SEC. Phil Cannella concludes another insightful discussion with Mr. Kotz where he is able to dig deeply into the heart of matters concerning the SEC.