Phil Cannella News: Phil Cannella Asks about Retirees in the Market

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Asks David Kotz if it is prudent for retirees to invest their nest egg in the stock market or in financial instruments that are risky. Mr. Kotz admits to Phil Cannella that while he is certainly no financial advisor, and while he would not presume to tell anyone how to invest their money, there are definitely people with large sums of money they wish to invest, and are doing so in the stock market. Some of these people are retirees, willing to invest their nest egg, and Mr. Kotz admits it is unfortunate to have these individuals “living and dying”, as he puts it, by the Dow Jones going up and down.

He implies to Phil Cannella that these individuals need to understand the market and navigate it carefully. He reveals to Phil Cannella that with so much money going in and out of the market right now, and considering the financial climate of the last few years, it would be understandable for individuals to divest their funds and apply them elsewhere. As usual, Phil Cannella is able to gain a candid interview with Mr. Kotz, who, for his part, provides essential and important information for investors in today’s market.