Phil Cannella Changes Retirement for the Better

In the 1970s, Phil Cannella was a pioneer in developing “long-term care insurance” which many years ago was referred to as “Nursing Home Insurance.” Phil Cannella made his career choice as a result of seeing first-hand what could happen to a family if someone needed nursing home care but couldn’t afford it. This is precisely what happened to Phil’s grandfather when Phil was a young man, and that experience had a lasting effect on a young Phil Cannella who recognized that he could offer real help to tens of thousands of people by offering them an inexpensive solution to this problem.

For Phil Cannella this was just a stepping-stone into bigger and better things that transformed into larger ventures where he could help his fellow man on a much larger scale. Back in the early days of his career, Phil traveled door to door, reaching out to consumers on a one on one basis. Today Phil Cannella educates consumers on bigger scale but with the same personal touch at his educational events to enlighten those in or near retired years on solutions to their retirement concerns. In addition to conducting educational events, Phil also educates though through his Crash Proof Retirement Radio Show and television programs.

Today, Phil Cannella’s mission as a consumer advocate is exemplified with the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, which provides retirees with a means to protect their assets from market risk, fees and corruption and create an income stream regardless of the health of the economy. Phil recognized that you cannot have a safe and secure retirement if your wealth is at risk and can be drastically reduced by circumstances outside of your control. He thus selected financial vehicles for his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System that provide safety and security during a time when it’s s most important in our lives – one’s “Golden Years.”

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