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Phil Cannella against a corrupt industry

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella is among a few in the world willing to go up against a corrupt industry with the view of setting it to rights and getting some reforms in place. Phil Cannella works in the financial services industry working diligently to protect the everyday investor from the grabbing hands of the big banks and other unscrupulous vested interests. Seeing the fleecing go on that governing bodies seem to shut their eyes to, Phil Cannella made it his business to go on an all-out attack to bring about reforms to an industry still stuck in medieval days where there are different classes of people and only the wealthiest, the aristocrats that do well.

Phil Cannella went to Washington DC

Phil Cannella went down to the nation’s capital in Washington DC and interviewed the former inspector general and exposed the lack of enforcement from this government body on the entities that control the markets.

Phil Cannella can best be likened to a modern day Robin Hood. He is out there protecting the weak from the oppressive strong. He is going out to bat for the everyday investor and exposing the frailties of the system on the air in his radio show and through his educational seminars.

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