Phil Cannella Discusses the Turbulent Stock Market

Just as Phil Cannella has been warning us for a little while now, the stock market has been increasingly turbulent over the last year. Following the 2008/2009 market crash, the Fed exercised a monetary policy known as quantitative easing. Through the numerous QE programs, the Fed engaged in the buying of trillions of dollars of faulty mortgage backed securities.

That, coupled with interest rates at near zero level for such a long time, resulted in most investors flocking to the stock market as the only place where a reasonable rate of return could be obtained. The result of this program resulted in a huge market spike from 2012 to 2014 with the market hitting unprecedented highs over and over again.

Yet Phil Cannella has been warning investors for some time now that these levels cannot be sustained and sooner or later a crash or correction was going to come. And this is exactly what occurred in the last quarter.

The mainstream media is now echoing what Phil Cannella has been saying for some time:

“Turbulent. Volatile. Scary. Call it what you want, but the U.S. stock market took a big dive in the third-quarter, causing an acute level of financial pain not felt since way back in 2011. Most of the world’s stock markets came unglued in the three-month period from July through September. Investors from Asia to Europe to the United States dumped stocks en masse as the outlook for stocks worsened amid fears of a slowdown in China, uncertainty over the timing of interest rates from the Federal Reserve and a general bout of queasiness and pessimism not seen in years.” – USA Today

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