Phil Cannella Examines Liabilities in U.S. Economy

Phil Cannella is consistently examining the underlying performance mechanisms of the American economy so that he can provide the best and most sound financial and retirement advice to the millions of people who attend Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events every year, and listen to the Crash Proof Retirement Show on radio each week. Phil sheds light on weaknesses in the economy that are deeply troubling and should be a concern for all Americans, and most especially retirees. If we take a look at a key metric for U.S. manufacturing, according to a CNN-Money report in October of 2015:

The ISM manufacturing index fell for the third straight month to 50.2. That’s the lowest mark since May 2013 and even below economists’ expectations. A reading below 50 means the sector shrank. While it is not shrinking, it’s growth is certainly lagging. A year ago the index was at 58.

One of the causes behind this is the strong dollar which in turn hurts exports as it makes our products more expensive overseas. Another CNN/Money report from Oct. 2015 stated:

The September jobs report also fell short of expectations. The U.S. added only 142,000 jobs in September. This is in contrast to the previous 12 months when the U.S. economy added an average of 256,000 jobs per month. To make matters worse, wages haven’t grown either and. Job gains in July and August were also revised down.

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