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Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit – Phillip Cannella LawsuitPhil Cannella Lawsuit, has once again come out victorious in his legal fight to uphold his rights as he defends his position against those who seek to tear him down. Known throughout the financial services industry as a man who stands up against the status quo, against those seeking to take advantage of the ignorance of others, Phil Cannella has had to fight a battle against vested interests who have attempted to get him out of the way.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit

This is certainly not surprising when you consider the amount of money that is invested in retirement accounts in America which is in the region of $20 trillion today. The big investment banks, the people who control Wall Street use much of these accumulated funds to manipulate the financial markets in order to serve their own ends. Yet who stands for the little guy? Who supports the everyday investor against this apparent tyranny? One man, Phil Cannella.

As his marketing slogan goes, he “wields the sword of truth” and pulls no punches when it comes to laying bare the fraudulent activities of those who fleece the everyday investor. After almost 40 years in the insurance industry, Phil Cannella took it upon himself to “bring the truth to the American retiree” and in addition to his insurance business he created a media company that could help him forward that mission.

In so doing, Phil Cannella created enemies. Like olden day martyrs, he put his own life on the line in protecting the little guys against the sharks. And unlike the olden days when enemies were taken out swiftly and silently with a knife when they weren’t looking, Phil Cannella became the target of an online defamation campaign designed to ruin his reputation online – in the very forum people use today to research companies and people they intend to do business with.

Through a cleverly constructed defamation campaign built on a bedrock of lies, the intention of the campaign was to take him out of the picture so that those who fleece people can continue doing so unobstructed.

This defamation campaign was based on an online blog that was published with apparent “facts” that were unsupported and unsubstantiated. Added to this constant stream of quasi-information, were a series of comments that were added to the blog every day written by fictitious people under a multitude of screen names in order to hide their identities. The blog created the apparency that there were hundreds if not thousands of dissatisfied consumers, vendors and even employees. It was really quite clever.

There is no question it created the desired effect of keeping many would-be clients away and injuring numerous productive and profitable business relationships.

In order to combat the attack on his reputation, Phil Cannella filed a lawsuit in federal court to get to the bottom of who was behind the attack and put an end to it. This is where the story gets most interesting and certainly entertaining about which an entire book could be written.

Suffice to say, Phil Cannella filed a lawsuit citing violations of the Lanham Act, Defamation, Tortious Interference With Business Relationships and Civil Conspiracy. As the defendant hid behind an anonymous screen, it was not known who was being challenged in court. Fortunately the justice system provides for just such a situation and Phil Cannella was permitted to serve the defendant at a known email address he or she was supposedly using.

As it turned out, the anonymous blogger did not want to present herself in a case she couldn’t win. After the stated time elapsed, the court awarded default judgment in favor of Phil Cannella and with that issued a permanent injunction to take the defamatory material off the internet.

Phil Cannella endured quite a beating psychologically speaking in enduring years of this online attack against his reputation against an unknown enemy. It was a real test of the strength of his character to persevere through this despite all. At the end of it, Phil came through victorious and has once again wielded that sword of truth against a wall of lies.