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Phil Cannella Reviews

Phil Cannella Reviews – Phillip Cannella ReviewsPhil Cannella Reviews, engages the Look Back Principle Once Again During His Interview With Former Inspector General of the SEC. Phil Cannella is on a mission to help Americans live the American dream of retiring comfortably and securely. One of the principles he uses in his work is the Look Back Principle, which allows you to take what you have learned from your past, apply it to the present and avoid regret in the future.

Phillip Cannella Reviews

During his interview with H. David Kotz, the then Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Phil Cannella asks Kotz to look back on his accomplishments at the SEC by asking himself, “When I am done my position here, will I be saying if I knew then what I know now?”

Kotz replies by expressing that if he had not gone forward, not issued reports, not said what he thought was going on, then he would probably look back and think he could have done more. Fortunately, however, he does feel that at the end of his tenure as SEC Inspector General, he will look back and be proud that he stood up where appropriate and didn’t allow himself to be manipulated or convinced not to do the right thing.

Phil Cannella uses the Look Back Principle often and feels it is a highly effective way to learn from mistakes and plan for the best future. You can learn more on about it at Phil Cannella’s blog:

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