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Phil Cannella retirement specialists

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has a team of retirement specialists who work with his consumers in order to provide sound planning and advice to all those who come through his doors. Phil Cannella utilizes a team of elite specialists who are specifically trained to work with people in and approaching retirement.

Phil Cannella working with seniors

The way Phil Cannella very aptly sees it is that the needs of people vary as they age. When one is young and still in the prime of one’s working years, the type of advice and action one should take with one’s finances could be very different than what it should be for someone who is in retirement or close to retiring. This is why Phil Cannella explains that there are accumulation phase advisors and there are retirement phase advisors each having a very specific skill set.

Phil Cannella has trained his team of Advisors on the needs of people in retirement so that they can best cater to his consumers. That training also includes advanced training on IRAs and regulations concerning retirement accounts. The combination of these skills is what has given Phil Cannella and his team a real edge in working with seniors and what has marked much of their success.

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