Phil Cannella Explains the Sacrifices He Made – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella’s early years as an adult were somewhat testing. When his grandfather suffered a stroke, Phil Cannella was forced to drop out of college and take a job to help pay for medical and nursing home bills.  During this time, he began studying the insurance industry and aspired to get his license to sell insurance.  That’s how he found out about Nursing Home Insurance which is popularly known today as long term care insurance.

Had Phil Cannella known about the benefits of this insurance years earlier, he could have saved his family from their financial burdens. Recognizing that this same problem existed with many families with aging parents or grandparents, Phil Cannella made it his business to do something about it. And so he went door to door offering nursing home insurance to seniors in an effort to save them and their families from the disaster such care can have in terms of the financial impact on a family who are not protected with any sort of insurance for such care. Phil Cannella went on to spend not just years, but decades providing just such a service to seniors and has given many the security of protection against such disasters.