Phil Cannella and Joann Small Discuss Safe, Insurance-Based Investment Alternatives

Phil Cannella and Joann Small’s Crash Proof Retirement Show

Phil Cannella, founder of the Crash Proof Retirement System, likes to view different financial industries as ‘houses’—establishments in which you’ve chosen for your nest egg to ‘live,’ so to speak, until you enter the retirement phase of life.

There’s the ‘stickhouse industry’—otherwise known as Wall Street. Corruption, risk and conflicts of interest could cause your house to fall apart and collapse at any moment and leave you ‘homeless’, financially speaking.

Next is the banking profession, or the ‘strawhouse industry.’ Once thought to be a safe haven from risk and volatility, recent measures such as the de-regulation of the Glass-Steagall Act have rendered banks a risky proposition as well. It’s a stronger foundation than the stickhouse, but it’s not where you’d ideally house your retirement.

The Gold Standard

That would be the insurance—or brickhouse—industry. With professionals who are held to a fiduciary responsibility, and the ‘strength in numbers’ found through receivership, the insurance industry is the dream house for your retirement.

The Crash Proof Retirement System originates from the brickhouse industry, and insulates consumers from risk and volatility by avoiding those financial instruments that pollute the strawhouse and stickhouse industries.

“The Crash Proof Retirement System does not utilize securities,” emphasized Phil Cannella.

The economic turbulence has gotten worse since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1998. A 43% market drop in 2002 was followed by a drop of 57% in 2008-2009. So when stocks begin to retreat from their current record highs, how bad will the next downturn be? When that happens, people in retirement will be longing for stability and safety that only the Crash Proof Retirement System can offer.

“You can make your retirement future out of straw, sticks or bricks,” Cannella continued. “When you see the way the insurance industry operates, as compared to the everyday corporation on Wall Street—there is a drastic difference.”

And that’s why it’s known as the brickhouse industry, because insurance companies are not going to be washed away like a sandcastle built along the beach. For almost 300 years, insurance companies have withstood financial calamities from the American Revolution to the Great Depression and most recently, the Great Recession caused by the housing bubble.

All For One-And One For All

The difference lies in a concept known as ‘receivership.’ Receivership is the alternative to bankruptcy, a condition in which life insurance institutions enter into an agreement where if one institution were unable to continue its business, the remaining organizations work together to assume the liabilities and responsibilities of the affected company.

“When you have an account—a life insurance account, a long-term care insurance account, a Crash Proof Retirement account—with one of these institutions, the guarantee is not just on the strength of that particular institution,” said Phil Cannella. “It’s on the strength of the industry of the industry in which that particular company operates. There’s no better place to start your retirement future than in the brickhouse industry!”