Phil Cannella’s Role as a Defender Started Early in Life – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella, a young boy

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, as a young boy going through school, was not without difficulties. With his mind already racing far ahead of his classmates he didn’t always fit the mold his teachers wanted him to squeeze into. As Phil Cannella puts it: “What do you do with the little ADHD boy that’s disturbing the rest of the class?”

 Phil Cannella’s desk in the hallway

By second grade, young Phil Cannella’s desk made it to the hallway. That is where he met Kenny, the janitor. Kenny had muscular dystrophy and realizing that they were both outcasts, Kenny befriended Phil. It was right there that Phil Cannella’s days as a defender began. Kids would make fun of Kenny’s physical disability, so Phil defended him despite getting in trouble himself.

As a defender Phil Cannella has gone on in life to seek out those situations where those not as strong are taken advantage of and he sets out to put things right. He does just this every day in his calling as a financial profession whereby he helps seniors who are so often considered gullible and hence taken advantage of, and he educates them on their financial options for retirement and helps them have a more financial secure and safer retirement.

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