Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, A Man With a Crusade

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella undoubtedly has a crusade in life, one which is set on bringing about reform on Wall Street where day in and day out the everyday investor is being taken advantage of by some vested interest or another. Phil Cannella disagrees with the fact that big banks such as Goldman Sachs can get away with fleecing investors to the tune of 1 billion dollars yet only be fined half the amount, 500 million dollars. In other words, as Phil Cannella points out, Goldman Sachs still made 500 million on the fleecing!!!

This is what Phil Cannella is striving to correct. It is best described as David versus Goliath, where Phil Cannella is the little David against the Goliath known as the big investment banks of Wall Street.

Still, Phil Cannella is making heads turn with his very incisive marketing. As but one example, Phil Cannella got an interview with the former Inspector General of the SEC when he exposes much of the failings of the SEC to regulate those they should be overseeing. This is the crusade Phil Cannella has adopted in order to make a difference in the world and he is making strides in that direction with every passing day.