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Phil Cannella is a man who will get out on the battlefield and put his shoulder to the wheel to fight for the freedoms that this country was built on. Phil Cannella is not a man who sits in an ivory tower hoping that the world will someday sort itself out. He has long recognized that there are vested interests who carry out illicit campaigns to take advantage of the everyday American and he will come out to defend the basic rights of man against the evils of the world.

One of the very basic rights he had to defend was an attack on home soil, an attack on his own reputation, a reputation he had spent 40 years building. The attack was in the form of an online blog that was filled with statements and comments from anonymous people who were posting under fictitious screen names in order to hide their identity.   A short examination of the statements led one to believe that this was not a true forum for discussion but it was a few of Phil Cannella’s competitors who were losing market share to Phil’s exponential success and who wanted to see him go down for the count.

The authors of the blog claimed it was their First Amendment right to freedom of speech to say what they pleased about Phil Cannella. They even tried to masquerade their statements as being a truth. To bring about justice, Phil Cannella had to call into question the First Amendment rights we enjoy insofar as whether that freedom extends out to expressing lies and falsehoods. For was it our forefathers’ intention that anyone could say anything they pleased regardless of the truth of the statements?

This is put into context in this Wikipedia article: “Exceptions to free speech in the United States are limitations on the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech and expression as recognized by the United States Supreme Court. These exceptions have been created over time, based on certain types of speech and expression, and under different contexts. While freedom of speech in the United States is a constitutional right, these exceptions make that right a limited one.

“Restrictions that are based on people’s reactions to words include both instances of a complete exception, and cases of diminished protection. Speech that involves incitement, false statements of fact, obscenity, child pornography, threats, and speech owned by others are all completely exempt from First Amendment protections. Commercial advertising receives diminished, but not eliminated, protection.”

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has recognized that more damage can be caused by certain utterances that are clearly not intended to enjoy the protections of the First Amendment. However, one must be careful in making such judgment so as not to allow our nation to fall into a repressive regime as exists in many nations in the world who do not permit the free exercise of thought and behavior where it truly merits it.

Phil Cannella as a man of the world understands and appreciates what America offers our citizens in terms of freedom of speech and as he himself conducts a weekly radio show where he brings “Truth to the American Retiree” he enjoys this freedom to give a voice to expressions that would otherwise be censored by the status quo who prefer to keep man ignorant.

The limitations that are afforded to the protections that the First Amendment provides are therefore very important for it puts in place some guardrails that could otherwise have a negative impact on our society bringing about a less desirable place to live and transact business.

In order to seek fair justice, Phil Cannella brought a lawsuit into federal court calling into question the validity of the online defamation to enjoy First Amendment protection for it was based on lies and falsehoods. After quite extensive motions to provide information to the judge and due to a lack of any response from the anonymous defendants, Phil Cannella was awarded a permanent injunction against the unsubstantiated online defamation.

 Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Reviews, Phil Cannella Complaints